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The first step in transforming your life with the Fearless Vision Project is to buy the workbook and begin following the directions for creating your Vision Book. The Fearless Vision Project workbook by itself is powerful - and it is portable and private. This is the first spiritual shortcut.

But the second spiritual shortcut is where the real magic starts to happen - Start a Group!

1. Start a group or an alliance with one or two other people. You can add others as you go along. An ideal group might be four or five people. Decide upon a regular meeting time and place. A weekly meeting is the best.

2. Create your Vision Pages for Friends/Family/Romance, Financial/Career/Business, Travel/Recreation, Health/Fitness, Spiritual/Peace of Mind and other Passions. See instructions for creating your Vision Book on page 15 of the workbook.

3. Meeting Format: Start the meeting on time and keep it simple. Have a regular leader or switch leaders. Meeting should be no longer than one hour.

Open meeting with a member reading the Fearless Vision Project group purpose from the Meeting Agenda, page 21 of workbook.

Begin with a check in. Go around the group with each person giving a two-three minute check-in of his or her events/miracles since the last meeting related to Fearless Vision Project.

Group members read aloud the Spiritual Shortcuts for Success, one at a time.

Example: Leader or a member reads aloud Shortcut 1
Group confirms in unison their commitment by saying aloud "We surrender"
Leader or member reads Shortcut 2
Group confirms in unison their commitment by saying aloud "We Focus" etc.

When the group gets to Shortcut 5 "We ask" - go around the group with each member sharing their individual visions and showing their vision pages to others - sharing the vision as if it were already a fact. For example: "I am a published and well-known author", "I am a non-smoker" or "I am the CEO of ______".

As your fellow team members share – you can write down their Visions in the back of your book so you can actively vision (and empower) them fulfilling their dreams. Finish reading Shortcuts with same format as above.

4. Close meeting on time with the group or the leader reading the closing.

For your convenience here is a one page "Meeting Agenda" that you can download and print to use separately to lead the meeting.

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