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Lynne Leahy - Blog Author

Six time serial entrepreneur.
Creator the of Fearless Vision Project.

Lynne Leahy is a successful business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur. She has started, operated and sold six companies including a technology company that eventually was acquired by Oracle Corp. and a regional technology company that she sold twice.

Lynne started using the spiritual shortcuts outlined in Fearless Vision Project in 1975. She is the single mother of two sons and has one grandchild. Lynne has lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley her entire life – always inspired by the visionary culture of Northern California.

As a speaker Lynne is infectious, inclusive and inspiring. "If I can do it - anyone can!"


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Lynne Leahy
Soul Survival

DIVINE DESTINY IS A PATH NOT A PLACE. Soul Survival invites you to take a fresh look at corporate culture and your everyday work life. Author Lynne Leahy has demonstrated the power of Soul Survival principles for 30 years. " I was as low as a human being can go: a welfare mom, broke, sick, depressed, uneducated, addicted to drugs, filled with fear, hopeless, and helpless. Now I am President/CEO of a successful company, a devoted mother, and grandmother. I love and am loved by a multitude of friends. I live most days filled with peace, joy, and a sense of divine purpose. SOUL SURVIVAL IN CORPORATE AMERICA shows that financial success and spiritual growth are harmonious. There's a special place just for you. Rigorous honesty opens the soul for spiritual guidance. Gratitude is a soothing healer that transforms corporate culture. In Soul Survival mode, the corporate world is enriched by your presence and when you lay your head down each night you'll rest peacefully knowing that you are living a life of purpose and meaning. Soul Survival in Corporate America will help you find that life - the life of your dreams.

Influential “thought leaders” and the Fearless Vision Project – Rolf Jensen (1999)

Although his book is in a bit different category - Rolf Jensen presents The Dream Society as a compelling look at the future of work and the societal changes that influence all of us as the Information Age matures.

The Dream Society outlines a new corporate culture that values “storytelling” and emotional well-being. Corporate titles of the future like “Director of Bringing in Cool People”, “Chief Imagination Officer”, “Virtual Reality Evangelist”, and “Visualizer” have become reality in the new corporate giants like Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Can this futurist utopia be seen in the James Allen classic? I think so. As a Man Thinkth moves from the physical to the spiritual - practicing simple everyday spiritual tools – mindfulness, kindness, empathy, generosity, and gratitude.

What goes on in your mind creates the reality that you live in. You are the one in control of your thoughts. Your thoughts can be transformed into success, happiness and financial security.

Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” which was published in 1937 and sold over 60 million copies you will see deep tentacles delved down into the thoughts similar to James Allen’s essay. And most modern-day “manifestation’ and “law of attraction” authors have their roots in Napoleon Hill’s classic.

This book and the further development of the thoughts presented in James Allen essay are the foundation for the Fearless Vision Project. The evolving nuggets of wisdom in these two books can be seen as the basic text of the most popular self-help/spirituality movements of recent time. And as you will be able to see that Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich was an advancement of the James Allen work. The Fearless Vision Project is my condensed version (shortcut) of these two great works. “Think and Grow Rich’ for the new fast-tracked, spiritually-intentioned ____

Fearless Vision Project Meetup Groups

Fearless Vision Project - A master mind group format – Napoleon Hill in his classic 1935 book "Think and Grow Rich" said "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]." The Fearless Vision Project is a spiritual master-mind group which focuses on allowing that “third, invisible intangible force” to guide our goals and aspirations.

Meet-ups are on Tuesday and Saturday. Please visit the meetup page to learn more.
Fearless Vision Project Meetup Groups Page

Influential “thought leaders” and the Fearless Vision Project – James Allen (1904)

Who are the most important “Thought Leader” in the modern Western world? James Allen is certainly the top of my list.

Never heard of him? That’s probably because his work “As a Man Thinkth” is free many different places on the internet including Wikipedia and Fearless Vision Project. As a Man Thinketh is his best known work. It has been mass-produced since its publication in 1904. It has been a source of inspiration to motivational and self-help authors. If you study this little volume you will see the roots of the most popular and famous self-help/spirituality writers in today’s market are contained in this simple little volume. I first read this little volume in 1974 and began practicing his simple truths. I “acted as if” I believed it – now I do believe it! This essay contains the simple formula for happiness. “you are the master of your thought, the molder of your character, and the maker and shaper of your condition, environment and destiny.”

Happy Valentines Day.

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