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Lynne Leahy - Blog Author

Six time serial entrepreneur.
Creator the of Fearless Vision Project.

Lynne Leahy is a successful business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur. She has started, operated and sold six companies including a technology company that eventually was acquired by Oracle Corp. and a regional technology company that she sold twice.

Lynne started using the spiritual shortcuts outlined in Fearless Vision Project in 1975. She is the single mother of two sons and has one grandchild. Lynne has lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley her entire life – always inspired by the visionary culture of Northern California.

As a speaker Lynne is infectious, inclusive and inspiring. "If I can do it - anyone can!"


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Lynne Leahy
Soul Survival

DIVINE DESTINY IS A PATH NOT A PLACE. Soul Survival invites you to take a fresh look at corporate culture and your everyday work life. Author Lynne Leahy has demonstrated the power of Soul Survival principles for 30 years. " I was as low as a human being can go: a welfare mom, broke, sick, depressed, uneducated, addicted to drugs, filled with fear, hopeless, and helpless. Now I am President/CEO of a successful company, a devoted mother, and grandmother. I love and am loved by a multitude of friends. I live most days filled with peace, joy, and a sense of divine purpose. SOUL SURVIVAL IN CORPORATE AMERICA shows that financial success and spiritual growth are harmonious. There's a special place just for you. Rigorous honesty opens the soul for spiritual guidance. Gratitude is a soothing healer that transforms corporate culture. In Soul Survival mode, the corporate world is enriched by your presence and when you lay your head down each night you'll rest peacefully knowing that you are living a life of purpose and meaning. Soul Survival in Corporate America will help you find that life - the life of your dreams.

FEARLESS VISION PROJECT Newsletter April 1, 2015

Step Seven- The Power of Giving Back

Love and Service

Step Seven - The Power of Giving Back
From the desk of Lynne Leahy, Fearless Vision Project.
FEARLESS VISION PROJECT Newsletter April 1, 2015

In my career and in my life I have found no other tool more valuable than "Giving Back". Spending a portion of everyday thinking about and contributing to the lives of others creates deep-felt gratitude, prosperity and joy - for me.

Early in my business life when I dealing with the incredible stress most entrepreneur's encounter, someone told me a secret. I was shocked at the idea! He said that he had found that "he felt better" when he reached out to someone less fortunate.

What?? (I thought I was less fortunate) I barely had time to think about all the balls I needed to juggle to keep everything afloat. How could I take time to help someone else? I needed help myself.

But I was desperate for a good night's sleep and, a moment or two of peace while I raised my two kids and kept my finances from caving in.

I gave it a try.

I found someone a few steps behind me. She had 2 children, no money and it was Christmas. I went to K-Mart, bought and wrapped some gifts. I baked some cookies and went to her house. I gave her a small check and the gifts. It was the best Christmas I ever had!

There is a universal law that you can only keep what you are willing share with others.

Being the richest person in the graveyard isn't going to bring me any happiness. I have learned that I can only keep what I am willing to share with others.

"When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I learned to live my life with purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous." Wayne Dyer

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No two minds ever come together without creating a third powerful force - called the Master Mind.

VISION and dare to share your VISION. You'll be amazed!

The Fearless Vision Project is your vision board in a book! And your Master Mind group keeps you on the right path.


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